Some users may be experiencing problems sending email to one or more of the MSN networks:,, or

We are aware of changes to the security policies within the MSN network and we are having trouble adapting to these new policies.  At this time you may or may not receive reject notices when sending an email to one of the above addresses.  We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

At this time the only work-around is to retry sending your emails periodically or use another outbound (SMTP) email server to send your emails.  We will send another notice when this issue is resolved.

Resolved by Microsoft (Hotmail):
Conditionally mitigated
Our investigation has determined that the above IP(s) qualify for conditional mitigation. These IP(s) have been unblocked, but may be subject to low daily email limits until they have established a good reputation.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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