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I cannot see my new website (404 error)

If your website was recently changed or transferred to a new web host then you may not be able to see your new website until your DNS settings have been updated.  Here are the steps you need to follow to clear your DNS cache and enable the viewing of your new website (Windows XP users):

  1. From your Windows Start menu, click on 'All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt'
  2. This will bring up a black pop-up window.  At this point you can ignore whatever it says inside this box.  Now type in 'ipconfig /flushdns' and press enter.  Note that there is a space before the '/' in that line.
  3. If you typed this correctly, you should see a message that says 'Windows IP Configuration.  Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.'
  4. Next, type 'Exit' and press Enter.  This will make the black pop-up window disappear.
  5. Finally, close your browser and open a new one in a new window and check your website.  At this point, you should be looking at your new website.

If you have any problems following these steps, please feel free to submit a support ticket for additional assistance.

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